With roots in California and now ties in Hawaii, Maile is a singer/songwriter with a whole lotta soul! She began her music journey over 5 years ago. Maile released her firstsingle, “Sailing”, in early 2020.   Produced by Live Animaux’s own, Leslie Ludiazo, the single has pop and reggae tones to it.  Mid 2020, she followed that with her sophomore release, “I Can Only Imagine”, which features Island Reggae powerhouse, Sammy Johnson. The single was produced by another Live Animaux producer, Lapana Ieriko, and currently boasts over 30k views on YouTube and 136.9k streams on Spotify.


Beyond her own music, Maile has provided background vocals for many local Hawaii artists, including Fia, Johnny Suite, Jasmin Nicole and Ka’ikena Scanlan. Amidst the pandemic, Maile also became an Ambassador for Invisible Wave, a non-profit focused on supporting young adults with chronic health conditions. Her current plight with endometriosis made the collaboration a no-brainer. As someone who understands the value of her platform, she was more than excited to use her voice toward much needed social awareness. Maile is currently working on new music and hopes to release another single by the end of 2021.







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